The importance of rust protection

There is one four letter work that upsets Canadian drivers more than any other: RUST!

Our Canadian climate is the main contributor to this unsightly issue. Ice, snow, salt, major weather changes and the all-too-common gravel road wreak havoc on your car’s paint job and can eventually cause more serious problems. That’s why it is highly recommended that car owners invest in some type of rust protection.

Constant driving, particularly on gravel or dirt roads, can cause chips in your car’s paint, leaving the body exposed and ready for corrosion. A good rust spray, applied every 12 to 18 months, can really help protect against any major corrosion and can also prevent a variety of repairs down the road.

In order to encourage the best protection possible, ensure your vehicle, including the undercarriage, is clean before the rust protection is applied. Then, ensure that you keep up the applications every year or so, particularly if you plan on driving your vehicle for many years to come. The fact is, vehicles can last longer in Canada as long as the drivers take proper care of them.

If your vehicle has already been subjected to the hated rust problem, call Newmarket Auto Body at 905-898-7388 or just stop by the shop at 505 Kent Dr. in Newmarket for a quick assessment of the issue and quote for the repairs. Our state-of-the-art facility should be able to repair your vehicle and make you a happy driver.