New Years at Newmarket Auto Body

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are what used to be termed a hodgepodge of emotions; today, people would use the expression, “mixed bag.”

Every culture and religion celebrates a New Year, just not necessarily January 1 and not necessarily the way North America does.Canada’s inheritance goes as far back as the Romans who dedicated the first month of the New Year to the god Janus, the god of gates, doors and beginnings. Standing in a gate or doorway, you can look both forward and backward and this is what Janus, with his two faces, did. The New Year is the gate or door and so we look forward with hope while looking backward at the year just passed. Perhaps this is why newspapers have reviews of the year and television shows take time from watching the ball and the partying New Year’s Eve crowds to look back at events, often taking a quiet moment to pay respect to the people (well, famous people) who passed away in the previous year.

If you aren’t working on January 1 and yes some people are indeed working, then this might be your one last chance to spend some holiday time with family or friends. The next day is back to work for most of us and the crazy, happy, maddening frenzy of holidays has finally come to an end. And so, as the beginning of this blog says, New Years is something of a mixed bag of a holiday.

To our valued customers, regardless of how you celebrate, we wish you a very happy New Year celebration with best hopes for the coming year. During the New Year’s period, we too want to enjoy this last opportunity to spend time with family and friends while we get ourselves geared up for the coming months here at Newmarket Auto Body, so please, check our holiday hours or call us at 905 – 898-7388 before you do anything. And come January 2, we’ll be right here again, ready to serve you.

***Please Don’t Drink and Drive***