Driving Habits -The Good, The Bad and the “Huh”??

For most people driving has become so routine that they don’t really think about how they drive. Yet all drivers should consider their driving habits in order to ensure a safe and less stressful ride; unfortunately, in the case of some drivers, they cause the stress to other drivers around them. Driving habits can be categorized as good or bad and those that make the rest of us shake our heads and say “Huh???” The Good Habits Paying attention … [Read more...]

Be in-the-know about the repair process

Should the unfortunate action of getting in an automobile accident ever happen to you, it’s best to be prepared for the road ahead. Knowing what’s coming in the repair process is half the battle, and will help you keep a calm head on your shoulders when things seem to be out of your control. Keep in mind that auto body repair shops must follow a strict process when dealing with insurance companies. This means that if your vehicle arrives at the … [Read more...]

What to do in an accident

A vehicle accident puts a wrench in your day and adds stress to your life that many of us could simply do without. When accidents happen we're almost always caught off guard, which can lead to panic and irrational behaviour. Though it's difficult to keep a sound mind in an accident, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure that you, your passengers and your vehicle are all safe at the scene. First and foremost, stay as calm as possible. … [Read more...]

New Years at Newmarket Auto Body

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are what used to be termed a hodgepodge of emotions; today, people would use the expression, “mixed bag.” Every culture and religion celebrates a New Year, just not necessarily January 1 and not necessarily the way North America does.Canada’s inheritance goes as far back as the Romans who dedicated the first month of the New Year to the god Janus, the god of gates, doors and beginnings. Standing in a gate or … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from the Management and Staff of Newmarket Auto Body

Newmarket Auto Body wants to wish you and yours a safe, happy and joyful holiday. By the way, if you need our services during Christmas and the New Year please call 905-898-7388 to check our holiday hours and for information on emergency towing, if needed. **Please Don’t Drink and Drive** Newmarket Auto Body Holiday Hours Saturday December 22 8am-5:00pm Monday December 24th CLOSED Tuesday, December 25th CLOSED Wednesday, December 26th CLOSED … [Read more...]

Prepare for an emergency with a car kit

It happens to the best of us: our car breaks down, we run out of gas or we get lost and we’re stuck on the side of the road without anything to eat, keep us warm or help us get going again. This is exactly why every car owner should keep emergency items in their car. These can be purchased as a pre-assembled kit and you can add items depending on the season and where you live. The kits take up just a little bit of space in the trunk of the car, … [Read more...]

Winter Driving Tips

Even though we live in a country when winter comes every year, like it or not, the first real snow makes many drivers forget basic driving safety. As a helpful refresher service, here are a few winter driving tips. Slow down when traction is reduced. While this might seem obvious, many drivers seem to disregard snow and ice on the roads, at least until that first skid serves as a wake-up call. Make sure all of your windows, not just the … [Read more...]

Roadside Assistance Plans

When your car is broken down at the side of the road is not the time to decide on Roadside Assistance. Now, is the time! Changing technology has made it very difficult for the average driver to perform quick fixes on the side of the road and, as such, enrollment in Roadside Assistance plans has dramatically increased. There are many plan options to choose from; many of them include incentive add-ons such as discounts for purchases, travel … [Read more...]


You may be seeing a new/old  name & face around Newmarket Auto Body.  It is with great pleasure that we welcome back Lorne Bergeron as our new Operations Manager. Experience, committment to service and knowledge is what Lorne brings to our shop and to our customers.  Welcome Back Lorne! … [Read more...]

Tires-All Season or Every Season

Choosing tires for your vehicle can be a daunting task.  Gone are the days when car owners in Canada always had two sets of tires and, much like adjusting your clocks twice a year, switching your tires for the season took place at the same time every year. With the introduction of All Season tires car owners were given the option of no seasonal tire changes. This can be very convenient however the effectiveness of All Season tires is dependent … [Read more...]