What to do with your total loss vehicle

A total loss vehicle, also known as a write-off, is the term applied to cars that will cost more money to fix than what they are worth. There is absolutely nothing a body shop can do when the total cost of accident repairs exceeds the book value of a vehicle and for the most part, when that situation arises, the insurance company will proceed to write-off the car. Unfortunately we're seeing this happen more and more often these days as parts … [Read more...]

Parts-New vs. Aftermarket vs. OEM

Parts replacement choices are many times not fully understood by the consumer. Many feel that anything less than a brand new factory part will result in problems. Although in certain areas of repair this is true, this is not a fact with many others. Of courses a brand new part from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sounds like the best choice but give this some thought. Lets say your car requires a headlamp and a bumper for replacement. … [Read more...]