Back-to-school-fall driving, 101

Fall is more than just a change of weather; it’s the season to begin changing our driving habits. When children return to school it’s also time for a little driver re-education. Accordingly, here’s today's lesson, “Back-to-school-safe driving.” With school now in session, drivers must remember to be extra careful and vigilant. Intersections near schools which were quiet in summer are now teeming with children up to four times a day; even a … [Read more...]

Drive Safe – Things to remember

Driving the open road on a sunny day can be truly joyful. On the other hand, driving in the GTA in rush hour in the rain – not so much joy there! As well, today’s complex cars, gridlock and sometimes a lack of driver courtesy all result in increasingly high accident rates. As the line from an old TV police show says, “Be careful out there.” With that in mind, here is a “Top Ten List of Safe-Driving Tips to help you and your vehicle arrive … [Read more...]

General car care tips

A vehicle purchase is not only expensive but time consuming and most people want their cars to last for as long as possible. Properly maintaining the vehicle is one way to ensure this happens. To help our customers maintain their vehicle, we'd like to offer some helpful tips. Here are some of our favourites: Rinse your car before washing it. Make sure you get any harsh grime and dirt off the car before you start washing it. If you just … [Read more...]

Ontario Reporting Centres

The ability to self-report collisions is the main function of the province’s Collision Reporting Centres. Drivers involved in collisions causing property damage are required to report the incident to the Reporting Centre within twenty-four hours. Here, a police officer will inspect the vehicle for damage and complete a report. During this visit, the driver will also complete a simplified government collision report form, which is also checked … [Read more...]

Motorists’ rights

When a driver is involved in a collision, many people feel that what happens afterwards is out of their control. Drivers should not feel this way because they do have a number of rights that must be maintained following an accident. As the owner of a vehicle involved in an accident it’s up to you to decide where you want your car towed and repaired. Don't let anyone from the reporting centre, tow truck company or another person involved in the … [Read more...]

The run-down on rentals

Whenever you are involved in an accident it’s likely you will have to get a rental car either while your vehicle is repaired, or if it is determined that your vehicle is unsafe to drive. The use of a rental car is an optional coverage on your insurance; however in accidents where you are deemed to be 100 per cent not-at-fault, you should have a rental car at your disposal. With that said, it is important to confirm with your insurance company … [Read more...]

Prepare your vehicle for the hot summer sun

The first thing you should do is replace your air filter. Full of dirt and debris, a dirty air filter will blow dirty air at you whenever you use the air conditioning. Don’t contaminate your car and your lungs with that, and make sure you have a new, clean air filter at the beginning of every summer. You should also check your coolant and all fluids. When it’s very hot outside the engine will run at a higher temperature, too. If your coolant … [Read more...]

Windshields: to repair or replace

It used to be that a cracked or chipped windshield instantly meant it had to be replaced. But times have changed and many minor damages can now be repaired instead. Before you can decide between repairing and replacing, however, the damage must be appraised by a professional to determine if it has caused any structural issues to the windshield. If you’ve ever had a small crack before, then you’ll know it can quickly turn into a large … [Read more...]

Parts-New vs. Aftermarket vs. OEM

Parts replacement choices are not always understood by the consumer. Many feel that less than a brand new, factory part will result in problems. Although in certain areas of repair this may be true, this is not a fact across the board. Of course a brand new part from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sounds like the best choice, but let's look at this more closely. Say, for example, your car's headlamp and bumper require replacement. … [Read more...]

How to save on your auto insurance

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your increasing auto insurance costs, you’re not alone. Many people want to find some way to reduce them without compromising their coverage. The best way to save on your auto insurance is to increase your deductible. The deductible is the amount you will have to pay if you ever have an “at fault” claim. For example, if your total claim amount is $2,000 and your deductible is $500, then you will pay the $500 … [Read more...]