Driving Habits -The Good, The Bad and the “Huh”??

For most people driving has become so routine that they don’t really think about how they drive. Yet all drivers should consider their driving habits in order to ensure a safe and less stressful ride; unfortunately, in the case of some drivers, they cause the stress to other drivers around them. Driving habits can be categorized as good or bad and those that make the rest of us shake our heads and say “Huh???” The Good Habits Paying … [Read more...]

What to do in an accident

A vehicle accident puts a wrench in your day and adds stress to your life that many of us could simply do without. When accidents happen we're almost always caught off guard, which can lead to panic and irrational behaviour. Though it's difficult to keep a sound mind in an accident, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure that you, your passengers and your vehicle are all safe at the scene. First and foremost, stay as calm as … [Read more...]

Parts-New vs. Aftermarket vs. OEM

Parts replacement choices are not always understood by the consumer. Many feel that less than a brand new, factory part will result in problems. Although in certain areas of repair this may be true, this is not a fact across the board. Of course a brand new part from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sounds like the best choice, but let's look at this more closely. Say, for example, your car's headlamp and bumper require replacement. … [Read more...]

How to save on your auto insurance

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your increasing auto insurance costs, you’re not alone. Many people want to find some way to reduce them without compromising their coverage. The best way to save on your auto insurance is to increase your deductible. The deductible is the amount you will have to pay if you ever have an “at fault” claim. For example, if your total claim amount is $2,000 and your deductible is $500, then you will pay the $500 … [Read more...]

Be in-the-know about the repair process

Should the unfortunate action of getting in an automobile accident ever happen to you, it’s best to be prepared for the road ahead. Knowing what’s coming in the repair process is half the battle, and will help you keep a calm head on your shoulders when things seem to be out of your control. Keep in mind that auto body repair shops must follow a strict process when dealing with insurance companies. This means that if your vehicle arrives at … [Read more...]

Quality auto body repair costs explained

The cost of auto body repairs often surprises many people when they bring their vehicle in for a quote. Even something that may seem as simple as a small scratch can result in a high price. This is because every accident and repair is different and therefore comes with a different price. Whether the repair is for safety or cosmetic reasons will affect the price and each incident will always have its own issues. For example, the deployment of … [Read more...]

What you need to know about a tow

It’s likely that we’ll all need a tow at some point and that’s why it’s good to know a little bit about towing before the need arises for you. Most municipalities have bylaws for tow trucks and drivers, particularly for licensing and soliciting. Some towns and municipalities also have stringent bylaws for maximum tow cost regulations, areas of operation and even driver behaviour. This is all to protect and help drivers in need of a tow. As … [Read more...]

The four “Rs” of the auto body shop

These days individuals and businesses are trying to do what they can to reduce their impact on the environment and auto body shops are no different.  Obviously the biggest “R” in a body shop is “repair” however Newmarket Auto Body is continually taking steps in an effort to be a more environmentally friendly facility. RECYCLE-All scrap metal, aluminum wheels and other parts are recycled where possible. We try to limit what is thrown away.  It … [Read more...]

What to do with your total loss vehicle

A total loss vehicle, also known as a write-off, is the term applied to cars that will cost more money to fix than what they are worth. There is absolutely nothing a body shop can do when the total cost of accident repairs exceeds the book value of a vehicle and for the most part, when that situation arises, the insurance company will proceed to write-off the car. Unfortunately we're seeing this happen more and more often these days as parts … [Read more...]